Fiscal and accounting counsel

We improve knowledge of the business and minimize tax burdens

  • We provide software solutions to streamline data entry.
  • We draft quarterly reports on the company’s evolution.
  • We work as a team with our clients to achieve a competitive, fixed and flat fee.
  • We apply tax advice with preventive measures.
  • We assume our responsibility in the handling of taxes.
  • As tax consultants we take responsibility for handling government notifications to avoid sanctions or defencelessness.

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Our Accounting Department takes care of all the paperwork and formalities:

• The preparation of electronic accounting books
• The legalization of official books
• The legalization and registration of annual accounts

We assist our companies in the following tasks:

• The review and processing of accounting
• Bringing accounting records up to date
• Support in the modernization of internal management
• The implementation of budget control
• The implementation of analytical accounting
• The preparation of feasibility studies
• The preparation of cash-flow forecasts
• The preparation of economic reports

We plan, prepare, review and present our clients’ obligatory tax documents:

• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Personal Income Tax
Corporate Tax
Declarations of Intra-Community Transactions
• INTRASTAT Declarations
• Census Declarations
Taxes on Inheritances and Donations
Taxes on onerous property transfers
• Special taxes
• Studies of corporate labour costs

We represent our clients, acting on their behalf if they are summoned by the following bodies:

• Tax Office
• Tax Inspectorate
• Regional Government Administration
• Local Government Administration

We will be your tax counsellors. To find out more about us, visit our collaborators.

Sandra Arranz

Advisor in tax and accounting law

Technician specialized in tax law and company accounting, linked to our Consultancy since 2019.

She has a degree in business administration and management from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in taxation and tax advice from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF).

Joan Carles Martínez Gremicat Joan Carles Martínez

Director of the Tax Law and Accounting area

Joan Carles Martínez specializes in tax planning and advising Spanish and foreign companies on the creation of the optimal tax structures to attain their business goals.

He has worked as a legal expert in the courts and given various lectures and talks on tax law for various business organizations.

He holds degrees in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat de Barcelona and a postgraduate in Accounting from the same university. He is a member of Barcelona’s Official Association of Business Graduates.

Asesora en derecho tributario y contable Merche Campo

Asesora en derecho tributario y contable

Técnica especializada en derecho tributario y contabilidades de empresa, vinculada a nuestra Asesoría desde el año 2014.

Estudios de ciclo formativo de Grado Superior en Administración y Finanzas en el IOC (Institut Obert de Catalunya). Seminario de Adquisiciones Intracomunitarias e Intrastat.

Asesor Fiscal en Barcelona Pedro Díaz

Tax and Business Law Advisor

A lawyer specializing in Tax and Business Law, Pedro Díaz has been associated with our consulting firm since 2003.

He holds a degree in Law and a postgraduate in Tax Law, both from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Asesor fiscal en Barcelona Ángel López

Advisor on Tax and Accounting Law

An economist specialized in Tax Law and Corporate Accounting, Ángel López has been associated with our consulting firm since 2002.

With a degree in Business from the Universitat de Barcelona, he regularly attends seminars and workshops on legislative developments in the fields of Taxation and Accounting.

Marta Maiques Gremicat Marta Maiques

Tax and commercial law Advisor

Technician specialized in tax law and company accounting, linked to our agency from the year 2016.

Course of IVA in the school of economists of Catalonia.


Rafael Rubio Gremicat Rafael Rubio

Tax and accounting law Advisor

Technician specialized in tax law and accounting company, linked to our agency from the year 2017.

He graduated in administration and business management from the University of Barcelona and a Master in taxation and tax advice by the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF).



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