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Digital Certificates

The Tax Agency and the Social Security Administration are promoting electronic procedures by both businesses and the self-employed as part of a mandatory electronic notification program, a development which makes it necessary to possess a digital certificate or signature in order to access these notifications. As a recognized authority for the issuance of digital certificates, we can handle the necessary procedures for you:

• Issuance of the digital certificate without having to visit any offices

• Communication of the renewal period

• Comunicación del período de renovación

Authorization to receive notifications from the Tax Agency and the Social Security Administration


All companies are exposed to multiple risks arising from their activity. In concert with our insurance brokers, we carry out a comprehensive study to cover these risks through the policy that is best suited to your needs, providing you with the following benefits:

• The ability to work with all insurance companies

• Insurance for businesses, professionals and individuals

• A customized study of each proposal, and personal service

• Responsiveness, follow-up and information on the status of claims

Occupational hazard prevention

The Occupational Hazard Prevention Law obliges employers to draft and implement an occupational hazard prevention plan, which must be integrated into its general management system. To successfully carry this out we place all our experience in this field at your disposal:

• Counsel for the implementation of the prevention plan

• Information to prevent potential inspections and economic sanctions

• Risk assessment, prevention and training plan

• Planning and development of prevention activities

Data protecction act

The legal work of bringing your company into line with the Organic Data Protection Law (LOPD) not only serves to ensure observance of the law and avoid administrative sanctions, but also to protect your company, ensuring its full legal security and the confidentiality of information. Our team of experts will take care of everything to guarantee correct compliance:

• Counsel and information to avoid possible economic sanctions for complaints received

• Information and support for the procedures involving your company's information communication and registration (paper and digital)

• Evaluation and customized budget for each company

Registry of accredited companies (REA)

Any company that contracts or outsources any work on a project to another company must certify that it is listed in the Registry of Accredited Companies corresponding to the labour authority covering its registered business address. As a Recognized Registration Authority, we take care of these procedures for you:

• Autoridad de Registro Reconocida para gestionar los trámites

• Access to any project, without bureaucratic problems

• Registration in the REA without having to visit any offices

• Communication of the renewal period


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